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The Jenkins Twins - JELLICO

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Brothers Trenton and Trevor Jenkins along with their father, Wesley Jenkins, form The Jenkins Twins - a folk/bluegrass family band hailing from Irvine, Kentucky. When asked who most influenced their music, the twins quickly credit an extensive mesh of bands and styles. However, that list is easily crowned by three names: The Avett Brothers, John Prine and Jake Bugg. 

Music has always been present in the Jenkins family. Trenton first picked up a guitar at the age of eight, and Trevor was quick to back him up on the drums. The two spent some time playing in a rock band, but never as front men. Recently, the boys have taken the spotlight, and opted to swap rock for something more true to their roots. They've added a banjo and stand up bass to their repertoire, and recruited their father to be, in their words, the glue that holds their band together. Together, The Jenkins Twins bring a welcome new sound to the bluegrass and folk genre. Though their music claims a large host of influences, there really is nothing else quite like it.

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