Ronnie King

Influenced by his brother’s classic rock collection and his dad’s love of the Stanley Brother’s, Ronnie has developed his own style somewhere between. Originality is his calling card. Whether it’s singer songwriter solo performances or with The Ronnie King Band, Ronnie delivers songs from the heart that reflect the point of view of an average man. A Chris Austin Songwriting Finalist, Ronnie’s songs will take you on a tour of the criminal justice system, prod you to Rise against social injustice, dream of escaping to faraway lands, hop a train when love fails, and incessantly dwell on lovers current and past. With an exceptionally talented cast in its own right, collectively The Ronnie King Band is: Don Rogers- guitar/vocals, Will Parsons-banjo, Megan Gregory-fiddle/vocals, Matt Parsons-bass, Mike Delong-drums, and Ronnie- mandolin/vocals.

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