Tommy Webb – Bluegrass Boy’s


Bluegrass Boys is a mix of bluegrass, country, and gospel. & is a sure to be a crowd favorite. Featured singles include: “Bluegrass Boy’s”, “Doing Her Wrong”, and “If We Believe”. This album depicts Tommy’s unique inimitable sound and virtuous melodies paired with classically notable instrumentals that will have your toe-tapping, heading nodding. Bluegrass Boy’s is the latest Kindred release by Tommy Webb, following Now That You’re Gone, Eastern Kentucky, Heartland (on Rural Rhythm) and self-released From Rock- and-Roll to Bill Monroe.

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1. Bluegrass Boy’s
2. Doing Her Wrong
3. If We Believe
4. She’s Between The Two of Us Again
5. Honey in the Rock
6. I Depend On You
7. Shackle Run
8. Duty Not Desire
9. Mary Jane
10. Jesus Rescue Me
11. Anything
12. Rocks and Roses

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